Posted by: Dark Defender | February 1, 2009

Sarah speaks up for ANWR drilling

Sarah Palin has an article out today advocating drilling in ANWR.  Here are some highlights:

As I traveled throughout the country campaigning for vice president, I was glad to hear politicians, including Barack Obama, promise that “everything was on the table” to address America’s great challenges. I also found that when Americans were apprised of the facts, most people became supporters of responsible oil and gas drilling in Alaska.

Polls show a majority of Americans now support responsible energy development in Alaska. Unfortunately, some disingenuous special-interest groups are still fighting the public will in Congress.

If we don’t move now to enact a comprehensive energy policy that includes domestic oil and gas production, including ANWR, we will look back someday and regret that we failed to perceive a critical crossroads in the history of America. It’s not overly dramatic to say our nation’s future depends on the decisions made by the federal government over the next few months.

Oh yeah Obama and the dems were for drilling, whatever happened to that? I guess they cared about increasing our energy production in the same way they cared about reducing the defecit, that is they cared as long as votes were at stake.  Now that they are in Washington they will do as they damn well please, promises? HAHA

Its also funny, in a you know a “were so fraked it hurts” kind of way that we are spending nearly a trillion dollars on a government “stimulus” of dubious value, but we wont even allow private companies to develop ANWR.  If the dems were truly interested in stimulating the economy, not in increasing the governments power, shouldnt they jump at the chance to, at the stroke of a pen allow private companies to create thousands of new jobs in a fairly poor state?

Yes I know that oil prices are way down, which is nice, but the reality is they wont be staying down.  The current economic crisis masks, it doesnt change the fact that oil is a finite resource that the world has massive demand for.  Prices will go back up as the world economy picks up or over enough time as the world continue sucking up what remains of our oil reserves, its just inevitable.  I am all for alernative forms of energy, we should be researching them (though research isnt stimulative, it should be in another bill) but increasing our domestic supply is a logical and necessary thing to do as a “bridge” (as someone called it, perhaps Sarah during the campaign).  

That the dems are refusing to take this common sense step, demonstrates they lied to the American people throughout the campaign, and that the “stimulus” is being offered in bad faith, its not about stimulating the economy, its about increasing the governments size.



  1. This girl has the brain power of a enema and has psychopath behavioral pattern!

    Doesn’t she has a good healthcare HMO? Internment is her only option! May God save her and us!

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