Posted by: Dark Defender | January 9, 2009

Is it wrong that im rooting for Blago?

Blago just gave one of the most entertaining press conferences I’ve seen in a long time.  There is an MSNBC article about it here (hopefully they will add video).

It was his reaction to being impeached almost unanimously, it started with him talking about health care and he meandering to why is the legislature spending time impeaching him when there are foreclosures, later he tells the worlds lamest anecdote about being at the 1980 dem convention and hearing Ted Kennedy quote a poem..which lets Blago launch into a story about how hes the child of immigrants.  Eventually he quotes the poem.  At some point he promises to fight forever.

It was awesome, it was like a parody of Clinton’s impeachment day celebration on the White House lawn.

Anyways, I seriously am rooting for Blago, not necessarily to stay in office forever or because I think hes a good guy,  but to keep going and rubbing all of our faces in this corruption.  I just don’t see how his selling the Senate seat is worse than Patterson selling Sweet Caroline Hillary’s seat, and yes it is selling.    Why is Blago getting heat and Patterson a pass? Doesn’t seem fair, so go Blago! Keep showing us that ugly under belly of our politics!


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