Posted by: Dark Defender | January 9, 2009

Dean dissed

And now im going to American Samoa!!! YAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!

And now im going to American Samoa!!! YAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!!!!


Politico has an article about how outgoing DNC Chair Howard Dean has been basically thrown overboard by the Obama Administration.  Obviously I dont agree with Dean on very much, but its pretty difficult to deny he has done a great job.  When he took over the job the dems controlled nothing, now they run everything.  How do you argue with that level of success?

Here are some quotes:

The conspicuous absence of Howard Dean from Thursday’s press conference announcing Tim Kaine’s appointment as Democratic National Committee chairman was no accident, according to Dean loyalists.

Rather, they say, it was a reflection of the lack of respect accorded to the outgoing party chairman by the Obama team.

Despite leading the party in consecutive triumphant election cycles — as well as through off-year races such as when Kaine was elected Virginia governor in 2005 — Dean has become all but invisible since Election Day, passed over for the Cabinet position he coveted and apparently not in line for another administration post.

Indeed, when President-elect Barack Obama introduced Kaine at party headquarters Thursday afternoon, Dean was 7,023 miles and seven time zones away, closer to French Polynesia than to Washington, doing party grunt work in American Samoa.


“The snub today was no accident,” said one Dean ally. “I guarantee you he would have rescheduled his trip if asked to attend. It’s easy to [screw] over people when you are riding high in the polls, let’s see how many people are singing his praises in six months.”

It’s the most puzzling thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” added a longtime Democrat and friend of Dean, echoing the exasperation and befuddlement many close to him feel about his treatment since the election. “I have tried my best through [Obama advisers] Valerie Jarrett, David Axelrod and David Plouffe to ask if he ever committed some crime. I don’t get it. He’s been a good soldier.”

A fourth Dean admirer found some gallows humor in the doctor’s disappearing act: “He said he wanted to be in the Cabinet,” joked the source. “So they stuffed him in the Cabinet and locked the door.” 

Getting closer to the point, Trippi added: “You don’t have to look any further than Rahm Emanuel.”

Emanuel served as chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee and battled repeatedly with Dean over party priorities in 2006. Emanuel, then an Illinois congressman, wanted to focus resources on competitive House races while Dean was more focused on expanding the party’s reach into red America as part of his “50-state strategy.”

“I talk to Rahm every day,” said the friend. “Neither he nor I have mentioned the name of Howard Dean. It’s just not on his radar screen.”

In any event, the friend said, Dean would know for sure if he was being shunted aside by the new administration.

“Rahm never stabs you in the back. He stabs you in front. But I promise that this was accidental.”

Like they accidentally forgot to consult with Difi the new head of the intelligence committee before appointing an utterly unqualified hack as DCIA? It seems there are a lot of “accidents” in the Obama administration (which hasn’t even started yet after all).  Maybe that’s part of the Chicago way?

Anyways this seems mind blowingly stupid, why alienate a popular, competent and loyal operative? Creating enemies for no reason is dumb, and I cant think of a worse enemy to have than a bitter successful ex party chair who is directly responsible for the election of many members of your own party.

I’m going to go out on a limb and say they will come to regret this when inevitably Obama’s popularity comes back down to the level of a mere mortal.



  1. Having been present at most of the events in American Samoa attended by Howard Dean, I can attest that he was NOT doing “grunt work”. He was an honored guest of both the Governor and the small but growing Democratic Party.

    Whoever came up with the description of “grunt work” ought to check out some of my photos from Governor Dean’s visit:

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