Posted by: Dark Defender | January 8, 2009

Return to Wasilla!

There are experts from an interview with Sarah Palin conducted for the upcoming documentary “Media Malpractice: How Obama got elected and Palin was smeared” posted on Big Hollywood (which for a site that’s about 3 days old is incredibly awesome). 

Its an interesting interview, I wish there was a transcript, there are a few things id like to comment on but am to lazy to re watch and make my own damn transcript. 

Suffice to say seeing Sarah express anger and emotion at the lies that were spread about her was nice, she should be angry! We should all be angry that the MSM has put political and class loyalties above their fidelity to the truth.  If this continues we wont be a Republic for long (if we even are now).   Jefferson put it better:

“The most effectual engines for [pacifying a nation] are the public papers… [A despotic] government always [keeps] a kind of standing army of newswriters who, without any regard to truth or to what should be like truth, [invent] and put into the papers whatever might serve the ministers. This suffices with the mass of the people who have no means of distinguishing the false from the true paragraphs of a newspaper.”

That quote really resonates with me, I think it basically desribes the relationship between the MSM and democrat party.

The film maker commissioned a  poll the results of which are on his site, I think they say a lot about the ignorance of the Obama voter and the MSM (and the conneciton between the two):

35 % of McCain voters got 10 or more of 13 questions correct.

18% of Obama voters got 10 or more of 13 questions correct.

McCain voters knew which party controls congress by a 63-27 margin.

Obama voters got the “congressional control” question wrong by 43-41.

Those that got “congressional control” correct voted 56-43 for McCain.

Those that got “congressional control” wrong voted 65-35 for Obama.

The poll also asked voters to name all the media sources from which they got information.

Those “exposed” to Fox News got “congressional control” correct 64-25 (+39)

Those “exposed” to CNN got “congressional control” correct 48-38 (+10)

Those “exposed” to Network news got “congressional control” correct 48-39 (+9)

Those “exposed” to print media got “congressional control” correct 52-37 (+15)

Those “exposed” to MSNBC got “congressional control” correct 55-35 (+20)

Those “exposed” to talk radio got “congressional control” correct 61-29 (+32)

First of all, not even half of Obama’s voters knew who controlled congress.  These are the people who voted for “change”, they didn’t even know what they were voting to change!  Its even more frustrating because of how the media lauds these voters and takes this movement serious, when clearly it shouldn’t.  Instead of talking about how Obama has made people hopefully and all this bs talk about the “age of Obama” the media should be asking why did the most ignorant segment of society support him? And why do we allow the most ignorant segment of society to run the country? Who thought this was a good idea? Who voted for this? Not me.

Of course the reason why the media isn’t interested in these questions is obvious from data in the same poll.  Exposure to the MSM correlates with ignorance, its pretty amazing that the highest levels of knowledge are among the media outlets which the MSM constantly berates and calls biased (foxnews and talk radio).

This is really depressing, but Sarah made me feel better. My favorite answer of her’s was in response to the question that was something along the lines of “would you do it again?” and she answers by acknowledging how its depressing and you think well even if I do this “they” (and I know exactly who that they is, the government-media complex which runs the country for its own benefit) aren’t going to fix it anyways..but she sort of comes to the conclusion you have to slog it out regardless and you betcha shed do it again. 

She really is an intelligent woman who has done a lot for her state and isn’t part of this corrupt system which is destroying the country.  She so didnt deserve the treatment she got, its a stain that will never leave the media and democrats.

I am looking forward to the chance for real change in 2012.



  1. I don’t know about all this..
    All I know is our friend John McCain declared that the GOP got viable candidates besides Palin and thus McCain himself is not sure whether to suppport Palin’s candidacy in case she runs.
    Further, Palin never had a passport till 2006 (imagine that kind of person running our foreign policy) and her career as governor -call this “smear” if you like- was largely undistinguished. And woman’s VP candidacy is not Palin’s pioneering field, either. Walter Mondale in 1984 (though I too would have voted Reagan) had a female running mate named Geraldine Ferraro, someone who is -to put it conservative- had at least slightly less degree of incompatability than Palin.
    Yes women’s progress is indeed important and blah blah, yet one could assure him/herself that had someone like Palin (let alone Gloria Steinem or Susan B. Anthony) cannot make a decent presidency in an increasingly complex age we are living in. I doubt if the GOP, with its array of objectionable candidates in near future (i.e. Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, and a wide variety of aloof, pro-evangelical politicians) will court me to vote Republican in 2012.

  2. Well I would disagree with you about her term being undistinguished. I challenge you to find another governor with her history of taking on corruption in her own party as she does. Also the people most familiar with her record the People of Alaska gave her the highest approval rating in the country at 80%.

    As for her international travel, I have to say I find it as a prereq for the Presidency a bit elitist. She was busy raising a family and helping to run a business, that to me is a better qualification than having sipped coffee in a Parisian cafe. She had other priorities, ones similar to what most Americans have. International travel is expensive and time consuming, I know id like to do more of it but cant afford it. I see this as basically a class argument that shes not “the right kind of people”.

    Im not aware of Truman or Nixon having any vast foreign experience (save from their military service..which I agree is valuable and influenced my vote) and they were very successful foreign policy wise. Did Reagan have lots of foreign travel experience prior to running in 1976? If he did im not aware of it.

    As for the experience and feminism thing you get into, I certainly agree we shoudnt be voting for people based on the box they check on the census, just to make progress. But Im afraid thats what weve done with Obama. The man was a state senator 4 years ago and has never ran anything other than his campaign. At least Sarah has run a state, I think its much more reasonable to assume she can run the country than Obama.

    I do agree with you that the GOP is in a sorry state. Cant argue there. Everyone seems to like Bobby Jindal (and I dont know very much about him) though so im curious what your objection to him is.

  3. I don’t know about Palin “taking on corruption” as far as facts are concerned, as Palin herself was hardly known for making a substantial departure from a traditional Alaskan politics of pork-barrel spending from the Fed.s (e.g. “bridge to nowhere” incident), while also engaging in a number of questionable practices including the Branchflower incident.

    Both Truman and Nixon were well-seasoned diplomats prior to their rise as national politicians, with Nixon writing an autobiography called Six Crises in 1962, with main contents of the book being his diplomatic struggle as Vice President in the Eisenhower years.

    Further, neither the Gipper nor Harry Truman showed an utter degree of incompatibility concerning foreign policy like Palin presented herself in front of national media (in case you are not aware, please youtube it) – in other words, it was Palin herself who was substantially responsible for “negative” coverage she received. I am also disturbed about her inclination to evangelical Christianity, something that comes at the peril of our republican values by its intent to force others to believe in its rather stringent moral belief (See Also: Ayatollah Khomeini).

    And that is why I strongly disapprove those like Bobby Jindal (let alone Mike Huckabee), as those candidates will work hard to garner votes from the right even if it means appeasing such questionable demographics. Indeed, McCain’s choice of Palin as VP candidate worked in this purpose, yet eroded the war veteran’s image as a “maverick,” something the GOP tried to propagate throughout the campaign. If my memory serves me well, sir, it didn’t work.

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