Posted by: Dark Defender | December 19, 2008

Russian vessels arrive in Caribbean, Pentagon yawns.

Yahoo has a story about Russia’s naval maneuvers in the Caribbean.  Seems the Pentagon doesn’t really care:

Navy Rear Adm. Tom Meek, the deputy director for security and intelligence at Southern Command, said in a telephone interview Tuesday that he sees little chance of Russia teaming up with Venezuela in a militarily meaningful way.

“I don’t think that Russia and Venezuela are really serious about putting together a military coalition that would give them any kind of aggregate military capability to oppose anybody,” Meek said. “Frankly, the maneuvers they conducted down here were so basic and rudimentary that they did not amount to anything, in my opinion.”

Interesting, yes? Who’d have thought that such an over-covered media story could be much ado about nothing? Oh right me.  Ive posted on how this was a symbolic political move rather than a military one, not once, but twice.


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