Posted by: Dark Defender | December 16, 2008

Why not just name a horse to Hillary’s Senate seat?

Apparently Governor Paterson of NY is seriously considering naming Caroline Kennedy to Hillary’s soon to be vacant Senate seat.

Governor David Paterson confirmed her inquiry about the Senate seat during a political event in upstate Niskayuna, New York.

“She told me was interested in the position,” he said. “She realized that it was not a campaign. She’d like at some point to sit down and let me know what her qualifications are.”

Political observers indicate it is a sure bet she will get her appointment with the governor who has the sole authority to appoint Sen. Clinton’s replacement when she is confirmed as Secretary of State in the Obama administration.

As the daughter of slain President John F. Kennedy and a niece of both Sen. Edward Kennedy of Massachusetts and the late Sen. Robert F. Kennedy of New York she has political star power that is almost unparalleled, and fundraising muscle that would come in handy as the governor himself seeks election to an office he inherited when Eliot Spitzer resigned earlier this year.

I have a couple of issues with this, first why is it ok to appoint someone with the expectation they will raise money for you and support you later but not if you request it? Isn’t that line kind of fine? Maybe we are all being too hard on Blago?  Really what he did appears to be more a matter of degree than really doing anything unusual don’t you think?

Second what the frak qualifies Caroline Kennedy? (other than presumed ability to get money for Paterson later) Her name? Well im with NY Democrat Ackerman on that one, J-Lo has name recognition also. 

Appointing her would reek of nepotism, entitlement and elitism.  When I think of her being nominated I actually throw up in my mouth a little bit.  Is this really where we are in 21st century America? We select our leaders based on nothing? Image or family connection alone is really enough to give someone credibility? Don’t you think that is kind of pathetic?

The One and HRH Caroline greet their subjects together.

The One and HRH Caroline greet their subjects together.



  1. After discovering that Hillary was not Constitutionally qualified for the Secretary of State job because the salary of the secretary of State was raised while she was in the Senate, Congress and President Bush passed a bill lowering the Secretary Of State’s salary. There will likely be a federal lawsuit. I wonder if John Kerry will be the plaintiff?

    President Signs Bill Lowering Salary of Secretary of State
    December 19th, 2008

    On December 19, President George W. Bush signed Senate Joint Resolution 46, which lowers the salary of the Secretary of State from $191,300 to $186,600. SJR 46 had been introduced in the U.S. Senate on December 10, and it passed unanimously that same day. The House passed it unanimously on December 12. The reason for the bill is that Article I, section 6, says that no member of Congress may take an office if the salary for that office had been increased while that individual was in Congress. Senator Hillary Clinton was in Congress when the Secretary of State’s salary was increased in 2007. Link here.

  2. Now THAT’s Change we need. Change we need indeed.

  3. […] the Senate seat is worse than Patterson selling Sweet Caroline Hillary’s seat, and yes it is selling.    Why is Blago getting heat and Patterson a pass? Doesn’t seem fair, so go Blago! Keep […]

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