Posted by: Dark Defender | December 12, 2008

The auto bailout is dead, long live the auto bailout!

I haven’t really been blogging on the auto bailout.  I’ve been of the opinion that the battle of the bailout was fought in October and we lost.  The pols and MSM scared the public into accepting a radical shift towards socialism and there just wasn’t much to be done, bailout fever would burn until we bankrupted ourselves or the economy recovered despite poor decisions being made in Washington.

It just didn’t seem like a good use of my time to rail against the auto bailout cause I thought it was inevitable.  Last night when the GOP Senators pulled the plug it seemed I was going to be proven wrong.

Well not really, now it seems Bushy has decided that an inability to pass the bailout through Congress and the Constitutional right Congress has to control the purse strings, doesnt really matter.  Naw, he wants to bailout the automakers, so by God hes going to!

What power

What strength

What an asshole

(ill be impressed if someone can comment on where that is from)

Bush really is useless.  The next time a Republican runs as a hyphenated “compassionate” conservative we need to remember that means, not a conservative.  Truly Bush has probably been the least conservative (except on religious issues) President we’ve had since Carter. 

At this point I actually have much less contempt for Obama than for Bush, Obama’s followers offend me much more than he does personally, I hate to admit it but I’m looking forward to Bush moving to Crawford.

In other bailout news the government is refusing to disclose who it has given two trillion dollars to.  Yes that’s right they have secretly spent 2,000,000,000,000 and is refusing to disclose who the recipients are. 

Its hard to find words strong enough to criticize this in.  What possible justification can there be for this? Not bureaucratic rules, but why is it necessary to keep this information secret? Who does it protect? 

I suspect its being kept secret to avoid a massive public outcry at the fact that, hello we’ve secretly spent 2 trillion dollars on propping up failed businesses.

Also mark my words, they are going to try to put as much bailout money as possible “off the books” so the public doesn’t know the true size of the deficit.  When we get deficit numbers that put it at a mere “1 trillion”, keep in mind the budget itself is about 3 trillion.  Plus we’ve spent 2 trillion of the feds money, plus a 850 billion dollar financial bail out plus all the ad hoc bailouts earlier (fannie and freddie etc).  The number we are going to get is going to be a result of cooking the books, hear me now and believe me later.

And finally the nation’s first mentally handicapped Governor Jennifer Granholm of Michigan has come out to denounce those who oppose the bailout as “Un-American”

It is unacceptable for this un-American, frankly, behavior of these U.S. senators to cause this country to go from a recession into a depression,” Granholm said during a radio interview Friday morning.

Wow where to start? 

How about first I think her statement has caused Henry Ford to actually spin in his grave. 

Second, shes a member of the Obama transition team an apostle of The One.  Is this the sort of post partisan “hope and change” which the Messiah promised us? Or was that all a bunch of bullshit to get elected?

Well considering he convinced his followers to support him based on his claim that Hillary was so bad on foreign policy she had to be stopped, and then appointed her Secretary of State…lol. 

Didn’t the dems just spend 8 years of accusing Bush of calling them UnAmerican and claiming that was the worst sort of political attack ever!? Pot meet kettle.

And hmm what else might make this my nomination for stupidest statement of the year? Oh right the fact that Ms. Granholm is from Canada.  So yes a non-American has resorted to calling her political opponents UnAmerican.  Oh sweet irony.


Granholm to Obama: We need to beat those un-American Republicans! Eh?



  1. CERBERUS Is Leveraging Billion Dollar Connections In Congress

    For Chrysler, if the bailout was Structured effectively, the Cerberus share position would be rendered irrelevant.

    The Deal Structure is always, always the key.

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