Posted by: Dark Defender | December 12, 2008

But do the hermaphrodite animals have the right to marry?

With a hat tip to Instapundit…read this.  Ok ok a taste but read it!

Even more ominously for humanity, mammals have also been found to be widely affected.

Two-thirds of male Sitka black-tailed deer in Alaska have been found to have undescended testes and deformed antler growth, and roughly the same proportion of white-tailed deer in Montana were discovered to have genital abnormalities.

In South Africa, eland have been revealed to have damaged testicles while being contaminated by high levels of gender-bender chemicals, and striped mice from one polluted nature reserved were discovered to be producing no sperm at all.

At the other end of the world, hermaphrodite polar bears – with penises and vaginas – have been discovered and gender-benders have been found to reduce sperm counts and penis lengths in those that remained male. Many of the small, endangered populations of Florida panthers have been found to have abnormal sperm.

Other research has revealed otters from polluted areas with smaller testicles and mink exposed to PCBs with shorter penises. Beluga whales in Canada’s St Lawrence estuary and killer whales off its north-west coast – two of the wildlife populations most contaminated by PCBs – are reproducing poorly, as are exposed porpoises, seals and dolphins.

Scientists warned yesterday that the mass of evidence added up to a grave warning for both wildlife and humans. Professor Charles Tyler, an expert on endocrine disrupters at the University of Exeter, says that the evidence in the report “set off alarm bells”. Whole wildlife populations could be at risk, he said, because their gene pool would be reduced, making them less able to withstand disease and putting them at risk from hazards such as global warming.

Dr Pete Myers, chief scientist at Environmental Health Sciences, one of the world’s foremost authorities on gender-bender chemicals, added: “We have thrown 100, 000 chemicals against a finely balanced hormone system, so it’s not surprising that we are seeing some serious results. It is leading to the most rapid pace of evolution in the history of the world.

Aside from just being a creepy story, it makes me curious about what effects this is having in human populations. 

We are all aware that the richest nations typically have low birthrates, Europe and Japan are set to shrink sans immigration the US would be as well.  It would seem at first glance anyways that there is a correlation between declining birthrates and industrialization, and a correlation between chemical use and industrialization certainly exists.  I wonder if there could be causation as well? Ive always assumed that declining birth rates in rich countries was more due to psychological and sociological effects of becoming richer.  But it might well be that gender changing chemicals in the environment could be playing a role.

Which as a conservative by inclination (as opposed to politically, being a good libertarian I am pretty radical on many things) I find this really really icky and disturbing.   As a skeptic of government and frankly peoples capacity for intelligence and goodness, I am very much against meddling with the basic fabric of life, it just wont end well. 

So yeah more studies to get all the good information we need, then fix this, its well within my opinion of the proper role for government to prevent poisoning and mass experimentation on  unconsenting people and their property.


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