Posted by: Dark Defender | December 12, 2008

Anti-drug ads promote drug use

Really? I will be paid 15 bucks for sex if I do meth? Where do I sign up? I could totally supplement my unemployment!

Really? This skanky chick will pay me $15 for sex? Per act? Where do I sign up? I could totally supplement my unemployment! Wait does she pay for the meth? Cause if I have to it might not be that great of a deal.

Jacob Sollum over at Reason has a link and some comments on a research study of a Montana scare campaign about meth.  A sample of the hilarious (yet really depressing if you think it might be good to base policy on, you know facts)  findings:
Following six months exposure to the MMP’s graphic ads, there was a threefold increase in the percentage of teenagers who reported that using meth is not a risky behaviour; teenagers were four times more likely to strongly approve of regular meth use; teenagers were more likely to report that taking heroin and cocaine is not risky; and up to 50% of teenagers reported that the graphic ads exaggerate the risks of using meth.
The project’s backers should take comfort from the fact that similar levels of empirical support did not prevent the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign from receiving $1.5 billion in taxpayer money since 1998 or keep DARE from becoming (and remaining) the dominant drug “education” model in the nation’s schools.


  1. No, 15 bucks for sex certainly is not normal. I never pay a dime over ten.

  2. You should start doing meth, apparently you get a company discount on sex!

  3. people pay for sex?? wtf?!? wat is this bullshit!?!
    wat a joke!

  4. am i the only one who thinks this is sorta hot? i mean the drug thing is sad but, the pic sorta makes me want 2 see more.

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