Posted by: Dark Defender | December 1, 2008

Sarah in Georgia UPDATED

What an odd picture.

What an odd picture.

Sarah is campaigningfor Chambliss in Georgia, that he thinks her support will be helpful speaks well of her prospects in 2012.  The fact that she is drawing crowds from 2000-4000 and Romney drew a crowd of 100 per this article is happy news also. 

Certainly she is still going to have to work hard to win in 2012, but given were a month out of an election in which the media set out to (and at least partially succeeded in) destroy her, shes in great shape.

UPDATE: K-Lo has a good article about how the dems keep distorting Chambliss’s race against Max Cleland.  This narrative has always annoyed me, it basically says anyone who was injured in war is above criticism, if they are a democrat.  Come on, do we think Obama ran the a reprehensible campaign for questioning the war injured McCain’s judgement in supporting the Iraq war? I dont think anyone seriously believes that. 

Obama’s campaign was certainly dishonest and icky at times, but so far it appears that his lies were primarily directed towards tricking his supporters into thinking he was further left and more divine than he actually is, but that’s another post.

UPDATE 2: Politico has a good articleon Sarah’s future also.  I think its fair and concede all the obstacles it sites.  However I disagree with the GOP strategists who say she needs to disappear for awhile, that would probably be good advice for a conventional candidate, but she is from Alaska.  If she doesn’t stay in the public eye at least to some extent, I think it will be much harder to get back.  What I think she needs to do is stay in the limelight, campaign for Republicans (2010 should be a big year for her), govern Alaska well and beef up her policy resume with speeches and trips and the like.  Probably starting with energy (which she already knows a tremendous amount about) she needs to start building up her own brand of conservatism to run on in 2012, shes not a #2 now she needs her own platform.  And I just don’t think suddenly appearing a few years from now and being all “Hey guys I’ve totally been studying gimme another chance!” is really a winning strategy, it might be difficult to stay in the spotlight and change her image but I think she needs to.



  1. She certainly brings a breath of fresh air to politics in America, but I must admit I am no fan of Sarah Palin myself. That interview with Katie Couric will forever haunt her political career. She believes we live in the “end times” and the last thing we need is a leader ready to embrace a self-fulfilling prophecy of the end of the world. Palin may be an adequate governor of Alaska but anything more than that would be downright scary.

    With that being said, she was the most relatable candidate I have ever seen. (Though that isn’t saying much.) She hunts big game, so she can’t be that bad, and I’m sure she would not only drink a beer with you but probably even play some drinking games.

  2. Sarah Palin is not scary – She has RUN something – as a mayor and a Governor. Unlike McCain, Biden and Obama – she has executive experience! After four more years, she will have 6 yrs of governor experience. Obama ran off four US senate yrs. (which he voted present well over one hundred times).

    And if a Governor is not a big deal to the democrats and pesimists let’s take a look at history. What do James Monroe, John Tyler, Thomas Jefferson, Martin Van Buren, James Polk, Andrew Johnson, Rutherford Hayes, Grover Cleveland, William McKinley, Woodrow Wilson, Calvin Coolidge, Franklin Delano Rosevelt,

  3. Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clintin and George W. Bush all have in common? They were all GOVERNORS.

    When has Palin once brought her faith into politics? I remember when they accused her of banning Harry Potter books in the Wasilla library. Turns out, when she was mayor, Harry Potter hadn’t even been written yet.

    It’s too funny.

  4. Hi Bargsly,

    Wecome to the site and thanks for your comments. I agree with you, Sarah was mistreated and lied about. Hopefully the media mischaracterization will fade and she will have a future ahead of her in national politics.

  5. Ulo,

    I think your drinking the MSM’s koolaid at least to some extent.

    Yes the Katie Couric interview was bad and showed that 7 days (or so) into being thrust onto the national stage that Sarah was not as “up” on foreign policy as she should have been.

    On the otherhand Obama more than a year into his run stood on stage at a debate and promised to meet with all of our enemies without preconditions. Hes obviously not going to do that because its a horribe idea, but it shows that Obama wasnt as “up” on foreign policy as he shoud have been also.

    Sarah may not have had the vast amounts of foreign policy knowledge wed like in a leader, but at least she didnt advocate a reckless position out of ignorance like Obama did.

    As to your other points, she thinks its end times. Do you have any evidence of this? Or is it another media smear like her baby is really her daughters, or she made rape victims pay for their own rape kits or that she wanted Alaska to succeed from the US, or that she speaks in tongues at her church, or that she didnt know Africa was a continent? All of those charges have been proven false, and ive never seen anything about her “believing we live in end times”.

    Sure shes religious and as an agnostic I think all religious people are a bit delusional, but I havent seen anything to make me think shes any more delusional than any other believer.

  6. Even now I still have some mixed feelings about Sarah. On the one hand I am glad she was able to energize the base, and regret the drubbings she took from everyone–including certain elements within her own party. On the other hand I still don’t know whether she will ever have the mettle to compete for the nation’s highest office. Being governor of Alaska is its own animal (pardon the unintentional hunting pun) and I do not quite see how it translates to the rest of the country. It’s kind of like Rudy Giuliani going from mayor of NYC–again, its own animal–to the race for the presidential nomination.

    I also think that part of Obama’s appeal was his clearly intellectual bent. I’m no elitist, but I fear that if Sarah is our candidate in 2012, we run the risk of becoming the party of Bush 43 rather than the party of William F. Buckley.

  7. BV,

    I think you make a very good point about Alaska being a poor platform for a Presidential bid. But she is not just the Governor of Alaska, she is also the parties former VP nomineee and its most popular figure at the moment.

    Those advantages combined with her own charisma may very well not be enough to win the nominate much less the Presidency. But certainly she has a fighting chance.

    A fighting chance which I hope she takes. Ill concede she had issues in the campaign and wasnt as ready as she should have been. But think about it, she was given about 36 hour notice she was chosen and was thrown into the last 2 months of a campaign which had already been going for 2 years. Obama, Mccain even Biden had both been out campaigining and dealing with national politics full time for a long time, they got lots of prep time. Sarah got about a day or so.

    I dont want the Sarah of the campaign to be the one who runs in 2012, I want the governor of Alaska who has run her state so well. She has 4 years to repair her image and get ready this time, I think things will be different in 2012.

    As for your concerns about intellectualism. First I disute Obama’s intellectual credentials. The man was a law professor at U of Chicago the school with the highest per capita publishing rate in the country..and he published…nothing. Ever. Except for two biographies.

    That deeply doesnt impress me.

    As for Palin, remember this wasnt her campaign. She didnt make the decesions she took orders from McCain. In her own campaign she will select the issues and her positions on them. Having seen a pre election interview she gave CNBC about energy (an important Alaska issue shes learned a ton about) I have no worried about her ability to assimilate information.

    Finally I remind you of something Buckley himself once said:

    “I would rather live in a society governed by the first 2,000 names in the Boston phone directory than in one governed by the 2,000 members of the Harvard faculty.”

    So yes I am very comfortable that Sarah being the future of the party, is not a break with Buckleyite conservatism.

  8. I’m not drinking any kool-aid, I assure you, though it does sound good.

    First off, the Couric interview occured on September 28th and 29th, and was shown on the 29th, exactly one month after McCain picked her as his running mate. She had also done interviews with Charles Gibson and Sean Hannity before the Couric one, so I do not have much sympathy for her embarassing performance. In the end it is McCain’s fault for not ensuring she was ready.

    As for Obama’s supposed gaffe, it appears we are on two separate pages. I fail to see anything wrong with meeting with our “enemies.” If nothing comes out of it we can’t say we didn’t try, and resort to the old way of just invading whoever we disagree with.

    I will grant you that I am not certain if she believes in the end times. All I know is that the church she attended until 1999 believes this, but seeing as how Obama took heat for his pastor I think it is fair to say these two points cancel eachother out. However, she did tell school children that our soldiers were out on a task from god, and she did ask them to pray for an oil pipeline.

    This is something that I feel very strongly about, and that is anyone who believes we are following any pre-meditated plan by god is not fit to run the most powerful country on the planet. Life sure would be easy though. If the terrorists managed another attack it wouldn’t have been the government failing to protect us, it would have just been god’s plan so it must be ok.

  9. Ulo my friend im curious about your religious beliefs. Feel free not to answer but I am curious where you are coming from. Im an agnostic and I really dont have a problem with religious people in politics, I just have a problem with religion being brought into politics. For example the Terry Shiavo thing was my final breaking point with Bush, that was a clear example of someone (well many people Congress didnt cover itself in glory here either) seeking to (mis)use the government to impose their religious beliefs.

    I dont know of a single example of Sarah doing such a thing while in office. In fact quite the opposite, she vetoed a bill to take civil benefits away from gays for example.

    As for her church believing in “end times”, thats mainstream Christian dogma. They may differ on exactly when the end will come, but they all agree there will be a divine end end. So im sorry but unless you show me someway her churchs belief in “end times” informs her political policies, so what?

    And I find it very different that the Rev Wright. Wright was about Obama’s character. Why did he keep attending a racist church? Why didnt he say something? Because there was political advantage, just like there was in accepting fund raisers from Ayers. Or for not confronting corruption in Chicago. Show me one single example of Obama blowing the whistle on the utterly corrupt machine he worked for. You wont be able to. Sarah on the other hand has repeatedly brought down corrupt former allies. That is what character is.

    Invoking religious language in politics I dont love but its the way we do things. I promise you Obama will be saying “God bless America” a lot over the (hopefully) next 4 years. I dont take this to mean he genuinley believes that God is on America’s side. Its just symbolic language our politicans use because we are a religious country. I wish we werent but what are you going to do?

    As for the Palin interview I was able to find postings of clips as early as Sept 24th so im not sure you are right about when it was conducted. Either way though whether she had 7 days of being on the trail or 30 vs everyone else’s 700 or so doesnt really matter. My point was that judging her based on what was essentially improv is unfair and I think does a diservice to the country and yourself, and I think that point stands regradless of the exact date.

    Finally on the meeting with our enemies gaffe. Seeing how the woman Obama is appointing as his chief foreign policy advisor thought it was a horrible mistake, and Obama essentially disowned the statement himself, I think youll be pretty lonley in defending it.

    That doesnt mean your wrong of course, just that even the guy your defending doesnt really agree with what your defending.

    In any case I actually wrote a post on how indeed meeting with our enemies can be (and has)been dangerous.

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