Posted by: Dark Defender | November 27, 2008

India captures Pakistani ships

AFP is reporting that India has captured a couple of Pakistani ships suspected of transporting the terrorists to Mumbai.  If this is true its bad in a way the word “bad” just doesn’t quite prepare you for.  Not only would it likely increase tensions between the two nuclear states and put fragile Pakistan in more danger.  Also I think if Pakistan was used as a base for training and executing these attacks that it calls into question one of the major strategies we have followed in the war on terror, namely buying off Pakistan.  If attacks of this magnitude come from Pak while they are “onside”, one has to question whether buying them off is really worth it.  Which raises the even scarier question: If that’s the case what the hell do we do about?  Sure the current policy has failed, but what do we do? Attack them? Cut off support? The situation is bad and anything we do is likely to make it worse at least in the short term.


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