Posted by: Dark Defender | November 3, 2008

In defense of Nadler

Read this story and watch the video of Pamela Gellar of Atlas shrugs nailing Congressmen Gellar on a host of issues.  Even getting him to admit that “he (Obama) didn’t have the political courage to make a statement and walk out. (Of Rev. Wright’s Church),”

Its a great clip I highly recommend everyone watch it.

However I want to stick up for Nadler on one point.  Here watch the video, the part I’m going to talk about starts at 3:50

As I’ve written previously, we need to be asking ourselves what do we gain from confronting Russia over Georgia.  Nadler is the first politician I’ve seen have the balls to ask this question and he deserves credit for this.  He is an American Congressman not a Representative to the UN.  His job is to do whats best for his district and the country as a whole, not represent some naive idealism where we defend any country, anywhere in the world, for any reason.

He asks what is more important to us Israel or Georgia? This is a very good question.  It deserves a thoughtful response, something more than being shouted down with allusions to appeasement.

While I believe Munich, was certainly a mistake, the situations are not the same.

Russia is not Nazi Germany, and Putin is not Hitler.  Russia is a nation on the decline, its recent strength is based on (formerly) high oil prices, it is not a growing industrial giant in the heart of Europe.  Putin has shown himself to be rational (if unpleasant) consistently, he is not driven by theories of racial superiority or other ideology he wants what is best for Russia and by extension whats best for him.

Russia in short is a country with which we can do business, Nazi Germany was not and had to be defeated. 

Again the two are not the same!

So we return to the question, what is in America’s interest? What do we get from a free Georgia vs. What do we get from a nuclear free Iran and access to Afghanistan?  Sure it would be nice if we could have a free Georgia, free Ukraine, nuclear free Iran, terrorist free Afghanistan, a democratic Russia and a unicorn. 

But we aren’t making a Christmas list, we are dealing with reality here.  We need to pick whats important to us and pursue that as best we can.

Sure it doesn’t feel good to be working with a guy like Putin, but we have to deal with reality as we find it, not how we may wish it was.  In the post-Iraq, post-bailout world, we simply cannot keep pretending we can do it all, we need to make hard choices and sometimes cut ugly deals with bad people.  You know like the Patron Saint of Anti-Appeasement Churchill did.


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