Posted by: Dark Defender | November 1, 2008

Palin prank

I found this amusing, of course had they done this to Obama it would be racist, but its still funny.  I think Sarah held up pretty well.  

Her determination to stay on message reminds me of business meetings or phone calls when the other side is intent on talking about irrelevancies and your just trying to do your job for example:

them: “Saw your website, damn your law clerk is hot! I wanna *censored*censored*censored.  She looks like this one chick I was with, man this girl was fine and a tiger in bed, not a literal tiger mind you but this other girl I knew in college she was an animal, not like this “girl” I “met” in Thailand though oh man..blah blah blah”

me: “So about settling this sexual harassment case, have you talked to your client?”

My favorite quote from the prank:

A (as French President Sarkozy): Thank you very much. You know my wife Carla would love to meet you, even though you know she was a bit jealous that I was supposed to speak to you today.

P: Well, give her a big hug for me.

A: You know my wife is a popular singer and a former top model and she’s so hot in bed. She even wrote a song for you.

P: Oh my goodness, I didn’t know that.

You can almost hear Sarah thinking, it must be Sarkozy, only a French leader would talk like this! …Please don’t make me hear this song! Note to self ware a parka when visiting Sarkozy!

Sarah dressed up for her meeting with Sarkozy, leaning on her exit strategy.

Sarah dressed up for her meeting with Sarkozy, leaning on her exit strategy.


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