Posted by: Dark Defender | November 1, 2008

DC Madam’s death definitely a suicide

I know not exactly our normal fair and old news, but this story makes me sad.

In the notes, which police made public shortly after her death, Palfrey (DD: AKA the DC madam) apologized to her mother and sister, saying she couldn’t bear going to prison and saw killing herself as the only “exit strategy.”

Palfrey wrote to her mother that she could not “live the next 6-8 years behind bars for what you and I have come to regard as this ‘modern day lynching,’ only to come out of prison in my late 50s a broken, penniless and very much alone woman.”

What great crime did this woman commit? She provided a service, she facilitated meetings between willing young women looking to make money , and rich men looking for companionship and gratification.  How evil! Certainly she didn’t deserve to die for this crime, but did she even deserve a few years in prison? Why? I fail to see how her business did any damage to society, in fact to the contrary the fact that it was popular and profitable shows that it was fulfilling a need.

The real crime here is the politicians who win votes by promising to use the government to impose morality on others and then hypocritically indulging the same behavior.  

Why cant we just leave each other to our lives and not try to impose our personal moral standards on others?

Its just sad.  RIP Ms. Palfrey.


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