Posted by: Dark Defender | October 30, 2008

Italy warned Libya of raid, saved Qaddafi’s life

Bloomberg is reporting the following:

Oct. 30 (Bloomberg) — Former Italian Prime Minister Bettino Craxi warned Libyan leader Muammar Qaddafi that the U.S. would bomb his country in 1986, saving the colonel’s life, Libyan Foreign Minister Abdel Rahman Shalgam said today.

“Craxi sent a friend to warn that a raid would be coming in two days,” Shalgam said both in a speech and again on the sidelines of a conference in Rome. “I don’t think this is any big secret.”

President Ronald Reagan ordered the bombing of Libya on April 14, 1986, to retaliate against the country’s sponsorship of terrorist attacks against U.S. targets. Most of the U.S. bombs were dropped against Libyan military sites, though Qaddafi survived an attack on his compound at Bab al Aziziya.

Giulio Andreotti, who was Italy’s foreign minister at the time, and Margherita Boniver, who was the foreign affairs chief of Craxi’s Socialist Party, both confirmed Shalgam’s comments, Ansa news agency reported.

The U.S. bombing of Tripoli and Benghazi in 1986 “was an uncalled-for initiative, an error in international affairs,” Andreotti told reporters, Ansa said.

Craxi, who died in Tunisia in 2000, denied U.S. aircraft permission to use Italian airspace, Boniver said, Ansa reported.

“Craxi not only said no” to U.S. flights over Italy, “but he used all the channels available to him to warn the colonel,” Boniver said.

So in otherwords, Italy stabbed us in the back when we were retaliating for terrorism committed against our troops who were defending Europe from the Soviets.

Imagine the powerful message which would have been sent if one of the chief sponsers of early Islamic terrorism had been killed in 1986, instead of spending the last couple decades having tea and cookies with EU members.

Imagine how different history may have been if one of the chief sponsers of early Islamic terrorism has been killed for his crimes in 1986. Thank you Italy!

But I thought our European allies were our bestest friends and always supported us until that mean old George Bush invaded Iraq.  Isnt that what the media wants us to think and the story the dems keep pushing?

Its almost as if this “all bad things started with Iraq” narrative is bullshit and countries including our allies have always purused their own interests even at our expense (as many did in Iraq).

I think what you need to take away from this story is: The world isnt a friendly place, our allies even the European ones, arent really our “friends”, nations have no permenent friends or enemies only interests, to paraphrase a famous Brit.



  1. This is unfortunate since Italy was/is a NATO member, but on the other hand not surprising since Craxi was a socialist who in his head was probably opposing America’s evil capitalist empire. Of course, that did not stop Craxi from having Andreotti, a convicted mafiosi, serve as a foreign minister.

  2. I dont think the move was merley a resut of Craxi’s prejudices. I think Italy was pursuing its interests. They wanted a closer economic relationship with Libya and didn’t think they really needed America’s protection (and would likey get it anyways). So they screwed us over and did Qadaffi a favor, its distasteful (and I think bad for the world overall) but not irrational.

  3. Hmm, I would disagree. But I think I do that based on the different weight I assign to interests. To me the type of regime or sometimes politician we have in office will affect the type of national interests that a country will have.

    Let’s take a counterfactual: what if the politician in office in Italy during that period was from center-right party. Would he or she still act in the same way or not? A realist answer would be yes, because actors are assumed to be rational and national interests unwaivering. But I think a sound argument can be made that a center-right politician in Italy would have made a different decision.

    Oh well, at this point, this is an intellectual exercise approaching futility.

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