Posted by: Dark Defender | October 30, 2008

Elizabeth Dole is evil and must be defeated!

A friend of mine lives in North Carolina and as a result ive been following the NC Senate race closer than I would otherwise.

As a sort of Republican (registered Libertarian but usually forced to vote for the GOP out of fear of the dems crazy plans), I was initially hoping that Dole would win to prevent the dems from getting the super majority in the Senate.  This despite Dole’s record of well being incompetent, overly moderate and generally useless.

This ad however has changed my mind.

Im sorry but this is the most repulsive ad of a pretty ugly year.  It tries to tie a rival to an unpopular religious view and get the majority religious view to reject the rival on that basis.  Its ugly and wrong, I think it would be the equivalent of this mock ad:

John McCain has taken money from Zionist groups.

And met secretly with their leaders.

(background) Jews deny Jesus.

What did McCain promise the Jews?

This is far over the line and I hope Dole goes down to defeat for it.  So for whatever its worth I endorse Kay Hagan for North Carolina Senate.  Shes a blue dog democrat,  will probably be functionally more Conservative than Dole as she will have to prove her cred in a conservative state, will be a more effective voice for North Carolina as the Senate will be controlled by the dems and she has as far as I know ran an honorable campaign.  Vote Hagan!

And btw Hagan has a counter ad:


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