Posted by: Dark Defender | October 21, 2008

Abright and Sarah on Biden’s warning of Obama as President

Following up to my previous post about Biden’s warning that Obama’s inexperience would invite testing from our enemies.

Today former Secretary of State under Clinton Madeline Abright came out and said Biden’s warning was simply a “statement of fact”.

Well that’s reassuring isn’t it? Vote for Obama, he guarantees a crisis!  I really hope the American people are listening.

Sarah also got into the act, slamming Obama and reminding the American people about Biden’s previous warnings in the primary era (you know 6 months or so ago), that Obama wasn’t fit to be commander in chief.

While obviously no one can get as wonky on the stump as we can on a blog, I think her list of potential testing areas for Obama is pretty good.

1) As I talked about in yesterdays post, Obama’s plan to meet without preconditions with hostile leaders invites danger, as it did for Kennedy.  I would add that its not limited to Iran, Chavez, Putin or any other enemy could potentially take advantage.

2) Obama announcing he will attack targets in Pakistan.  This obviously is a bad idea and almost forces Pakistan to take a stand against us.  Even now when its not shoved in their face our policy of hitting targets in the border area causes problems.  If we start beating our chest and widening the target list, especially at a time when Pakistan is having serious economic issues, could invite them to retaliation, how? Maybe against our troops, maybe continuing to cut off supply routes to our troops in Afghanistan (which would make us even more vulnurable to Russia), maybe by moving closer to China for protection.  Or maybe the government will collapse in response to Obama putting their impotence on display, who knows, but nothing good will come of this.

3) Pulling out of Iraq as quickly as Obama wants to would obviously invite problems.  Nature abhors a vacuum, us leaving while Iraq is still weak, could easily set off a regional whirlpool of chaos.  Iran would likely try to secure exclusive influence over the Shia regions, Turkey would try to make sure the Kurds couldn’t cause them problems (and have already shown a willingness to use force), the Saudi’s and others would likely try to protect the vulnerable Sunni minority.  This would create a massive powder keg, which either could explode forcing oil prices way up and setting off a humanitarian crisis and civil war, or maybe Iran would win and Iraq would become their puppet, or maybe wed be forced to send troops back.  Who knows but again not a good situation.

4) Putin could try to take advantage in Ukraine.  This is a very real possibility.  Ukraine is facing an economic meltdown also elections are scheduled for December.  Given how we are (against my advice) the primary guarantor of Ukraine’s Independence, January could become an ideal time for Putin to try to take control of Ukraine.  He likely wont even have to invade outright, the Russian party may win the election, or come close enough to give him a good pretext to come to the aid of “true democracy”.  I think there is serious danger in this area coming up, regardless of who is President, but with Obama it invites it.

Other possibilities: North Korea trying to extort more money out of us in exchange for not pursuing nukes, Iran and Hezbollah trying to take advantage of American and Israeli preoccupation by taking full control of Lebanon, Chavez trying to pull something with Colombia (who Obama has all but thrown to the wolves by opposing free trade with them). 

The point is the world is a dangerous place, we can’t take the risk of having an inexperienced idealisitic President, we need a tough decisive guy who is going to keep our enemies at bay while we can safely put our house in order domestically.



  1. #5 Joe Biden might provoke a disabled person to stand up! and then have to offer him blessings…

    or a national apology.

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