Posted by: Dark Defender | October 19, 2008

Powell endorses Obama

The MSM has always loved Powell

The MSM has always loved Powell

Powell has endorsed Obama, if I had any respect for him to lose this would have made me lose it.

Why did Powell endorse The One? Well not race! Oh no!

I find this protest laughable, I think Rush Limbaugh nailed this one when he asks how many inexperienced white liberals has Powell endorsed? Saying this isn’t about race just doesn’t pass the laugh test, especially when one recalls how just a month ago Powell was talking about how electrifying it would be to elect a black President. 

Its also funny that the media treats Powell as if he has credibility yet continues bashing Bush daily.  I wonder why that is? Perhaps because he agrees with them and is pandering to them by stabbing the GOP in the back?

Powell goes on to bash Sarah Palin.  She doesn’t have the experience it seems.  Oh really? Obama does? What has Obama ran? Has he ever been in charge of anything other than an election campaign? No, the fact is he is woefully unqualified yet no one seems to care?


I think the answer is obvious, he is part of the Washington elite, Daschle took him under his wing and made him part of the establishment.  Sarah on the other hand despite the fact she has actually run things, isn’t.  The fact is she is far more qualified to be President than Obama, she just isn’t part of the elite.  Thus the elite must destroy her, as she is a threat to their own privileged position.  Having a woman from the far reaches

A mere Plebian for VP?

A mere Pleb for VP?

of the country, who graduated from the University of Idaho is just to much for them to handle, if she does a good job, well what would that say about the elites? It would show they are a parasitic class which despite their Harvard and Yale degrees are not special, they have no divine right to rule the country.  This is why elites both right and left pile on her.  Remember this the next time a Washington political or MSM elite calls her unqualified, what they mean is “She didn’t go the right school, She’s a mere Plebeian, not one of us”.  Then remember the mess our elites left and right have gotten us into, real change means defying and deposing them.

Powell talks about discussing character as a “distraction”.  This is a canard.  The true distractions is treating these politicians “plans” as real.  Bush 41 promised “no new taxes”, then raised taxes.  Clinton promised a middle class tax cut and trade sanctions on China, he

raised taxes and gave China most favored nation status.  Bush 43 promised a “humble foreign policy” and to stop nation building, hows that worked out?

The simple truth is, your an idiot if you vote for a politician based on their promises.  These are words of seduction, you should give them as much weight as a woman gives to a man who meets her in a bar and immediately declares his love for her.  He is trying to get in her pants, and the politicans are trying to get your vote.  If you believe either, your an idiot.

There are however two things which one can reasonably base an opinion on.  Character and track record.  Politicians hate it when these things are discussed, they are attacks, mud slinging! No they are the only reasonable way to form an opinion of a politician, not their pretty words of seduction, but who they are and what they’ve done.  Powell doesn’t want you to look at Obama’s.  Why? Because his track record is thin at best and indicates hes a straight party man and his character is one of accommodation and doing things for political expediency.

Powell’s performance was shameful and dishonest.  He should be discredited and shunned for it.  He has already done enough damage to the country as Secretary of State and now this, lets please usher him off the political stage once and for all.



  1. […] Hmm what did I say yesterday about how voting for a candidate based on their promises makes you an idiot? I think this confirms that opinion, yet I think this is one promise you can bank […]

  2. You’re a moron….

  3. Hi CG,

    Welcome to the blog, it takes a really big man to call someone a name on the internet I hope your proud of yoursef. Id respect you if you actually tried to rebut my opinion and explain yours. But apparently you cant, and have to resort to name calling. Typical liberal.

  4. Is it about race?
    Only one person knows for sure…and it’s not Limbaugh.
    Powell claims that he’s not happy with the “rightward shift” of the Republican party. But is there any merit in his accusation???
    Listen to the views of Republican Senator Michelle Bachmann
    Video of Senator Michelle Bachmann on Hardball
    So…what do you think??. is Colin Powell was just being overly sensitive, or does he have a point???

  5. Hi Norris,

    Welcome to the board and thanks for your comment.

    I watched the video of Bachmann. While I wouldnt go as far as her, certainly all liberals are not anti-American. However being born and raised in probaby the bluest part of the country (Bay area, CA) I just dont see how anyone can deny that some are. I know people who talk about how they hate the country and wish they could move or activley hope for or celebrate when bad things to happen to the country. They are not a majority, but they are prevelent, and almost unavoidable. The difference between Obama and me is I dont go to sermons by them or seek out their political support.

    Wright and Ayers being good examples. Wright outright says he hates the country, so much he blamed the victims of 9/11. Ayers hates it so much he is willing to use violence to affect change he wants.

    These are dangerous individuals and people a serious canidate for President shoudnt be associating with them.

    If McCain launched his campaign in the living room of an old abortion bomber I think you and other liberals would be angry beyond words, and I think you would be justified. If McCain was married by and spent the majority of his adult life going to sermons by preachers who call on God to damn America for gay rights, youd be rightfullly scared also.

    So no I dont think Powell has a point. And while we cannot read his mind, we can use deductive reasoning.

    1) Powell has always been a Republican.
    2) Powell has always endorsed Republican canidates.
    3) Powell has never endorsed an inexperienced white liberal for any office.
    4) Powell supports affirmative action.
    5) Powell talks about how electrifying a black president would be.
    6) Powell endorses Obama

    I think the weight of evidence points to a racial motive.

  6. As a candidate for president I would heartily welcome the endorsement of the man who as sec of state argued so forcefully before the UN security council for a war resolution against iraq and who then avidly defended our invasion for months.

    But that’s me. If my platform were anti-Iraq war from the start, then I would have told Colin to stuff it.

    Because for me as a candidate principal trumps political expedience.

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