Posted by: Dark Defender | October 15, 2008

Its not news its CNN

So I saw this article this morning.  I am going to quote the article in its entirety so you too can share my confusion:

Muslim DVD rattles voters in key battleground states

  • Story Highlights
  • Film by Israeli producer meant to expose what it calls threat of radical Islam
  • Some 28 million DVDs distributed inside 70 newspapers in battleground states
  • Political observers think film plays directly into misperceptions Obama is Muslim
  • FEC, IRS investigate all complaints; wouldn’t give specifics about this one
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By Deborah Feyerick and Sheila Steffen
CNN’s American Morning

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DENVER, Colorado (CNN)— On a Sunday morning just weeks before the presidential election, Priscilla Linsley opened her local Denver newspaper and discovered a DVD inside.

Obsession DVD

Clarion Fund released “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” in 70 newspapers in key swing states.

“I was shocked at the content and horrified that this had been in my Sunday paper,” said Linsley, a 74-year-old Democrat, who watched about half of the video before throwing it in the trash.

“I have Muslim friends and respect Islamas a religion and felt that this was really hateful,” said Linsley.

The hourlong film on DVD, “Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West,” was made by Israeli filmmaker Raphael Shore and shows disturbing, sometimes violent images.

Rima BarakatSinclair, who is Muslim and a Republican, was so angry she called her local lawmakers in Denver.

“It is riddled not only with misleading facts but outright fabrication,” said Barakat Sinclair.

In September, some 28 million of the “Obsession” DVD’s were distributed as advertising inserts in 70 newspapers, primarily in critical swing states such as Colorado, Florida and Ohio.

It was paid for by the Clarion Fund, a nonprofit group established by the film’s Israeli producer with the goal of exposing what it calls the threat of radical Islam. The Clarion Fund was created in 2006, the same year “Obsession” was released.

“Our focus is to educate with our movies and raise awareness, not influence elections,” said Gregory Ross, a Clarion spokesman.

But Larry Sabato, a political observer and director of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia, said it’s naïve to think such a video won’t influence undecided voters.

“It’s pretty obvious that the group sponsoring it wants people to think more about terrorism, about national security, about Middle East politics and maybe less about the economy,” said Sabato. “Well, that obviously favors one side — the Republicans.”

Because a number of Americans still believe, incorrectly, that Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obamais a Muslim, political observers said they believe the DVD plays directly into that misperception.

Clarion said neither the campaign of GOP candidate Sen. John McCainor of Obamahad anything to do with the DVD that has outraged some Muslim groups. Nihad Awad, executive director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, called the film anti-Muslim and politically motivated. Holding up promotional material that came with the video, Awad pointed out, “It says clearly that, ‘It’s our responsibility to ensure that we can all make an informed vote in November.’ ”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, a group that includes some Democratic donors, has filed complaints with the Internal Revenue Service and Federal Elections Commission, saying Clarion has violated its tax-exempt status.

“A nonprofit organization getting involved in political campaigning, promoting candidates and scaring people and influencing voters for the election in November is something that needs to be looked into seriously,” said Awad.

The Clarion Fund would not say who its donors are or how much they are giving. A records search comes up empty.

Muslim advocates from the Islamic relations council said the money is coming from the prominent Jewish educational group Aish Hatorah, which has headquarters in Israel.

“It seems that this campaign is well funded and directed by a foreign entity to influence the U.S. presidential elections,” Awad said.

Clarion’s spokesman called it “totally ludicrous.”

“We do not accept donations from foreign entities. The accusations by CAIR are totally unfounded,” said Ross. “We are responding to the FEC complaint. However, there is no substance to that whatsoever.”

Aish Hatorah denied donating money to Clarion for its DVD campaign, though a spokesman said the filmmaker and other Clarion staffers worked for Aish Hatorah. The filmmaker, Raphael Shore, is employed by Aish Hatorah. His brother, Rabbi Ephraim Shore, is listed as an executive with the organization.

Clarion will soon release its latest film, “The Third Jihad,” narrated by M. Zuhdi Jasser, who is president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy. He describes himself as a devoted, peace-loving Muslim.

“It’s always interesting how the Islamistorganizations that have a certain political agenda claim ‘victim’ and yet they always want to attack the messenger, rather than dealing with the message,” said Jasser.

He said groups such as the Islamic council should “condemn not only terrorism as an action, but the goals of the Islamic state and what Islamists would do if they were a majority and name Hezbollah, Hamas, and other terrorist organizations by name.”

As for people like Barakat Sinclair who received the DVD, she said newspapers should have known better.

“If this DVD was produced and mass distributed by the KKK or an anti-Semitic organization, would it be included? Or rejected, rightfully so?” she said.

Linsley agreed and said newspapers should have made it clear the DVD was part of an ad campaign and not an editorial decision.

The FEC and IRS would not comment on the specifics of the case, but said they investigate all complaints.

So first I have to admit I haven’t seen this movie or ever even heard of it.  So naturally my first question is the same as what yours probably is.  What exactly is wrong with the DVD? What the misleading facts and fabrications which so outraged the voters (ok 2 voters but we will get to that later)? How does this create the impression that Obama is a Muslim?

I read the story 3 times, trying to find answers to these questions, yet was left without the answers because apparently CNN isn’t interested in doing actual reporting.  So I did the journalists job for her and did some research, including watching a 12 minute abridged version. Btw you can purchase the full version here.

What did I discover? Well first of all the movie begins with this disclaimer:

This is a film about
Radical Islamic terror.

A dangerous ideology,
fuelled by religious hatred.

It’s important to remember,
most Muslims are peaceful
and do not support terror.

This is not a film about them.

This is a film about a radical worldview,
and the threat it poses to us all,
Muslimand non-Muslim alike.

Hmmm ok doesn’t seem very radical so far.  At the very beginning of the movie it clearly states it is discussing Radical Islam not Islam as a whole.  Throughout the 12 minute version I watched I never saw anything which tried to equate Islam with the acts of radical Islamists.  In fact several interviewees were Muslim and the movie itself seemed to make its point largely with clips of radical Islamists preaching their message of hate for America and the Jews.

Also I noted the movie was produced in 2006 and published in September 2007.  Further I saw no mention of Mr. Obama and am baffled at how any thinking person could believe this movie which was made long before he began his run for President could target him. 

So this left me wondering why the hell is this even a story?

It is allegedly a story about voter anger at this “outrageous” video.  Yet it only quotes two voters, one a 74 year old Democrat the other a Muslim Republican.  Is this really a representative sample of Colorado voters? Or were these just the only people this reporter could dig up to justify writing a “story” to bash a film she obviously doesn’t approve of?

Further this reporter quotes CAIR! as saying the film is hateful and its distribution is some sort of foreign plot to influence the election.  First pardon me while I laugh uncontrollably at CAIR’s crocodile tears……..

Ok im better.  Yes im sure CAIR is shocked, SHOCKED! To discover foreigners are trying to influence the American people.

Further CAIR is an offshoot of the IAP(Islamic Association of Palestine) a group who’s assets are currently frozen by the executive order due to links to terror organizations and who was found liable in a Hamas terrorist attack which killed an American, and CAIR itself was named by Federal prosecutors as an unindicted co-conspirator in a plot to funnel money to the terrorist organization Hamas.

A charming Hamas rally.

A charming Hamas rally.

CAIR is hardly the sort of organization a responsible journalist would go to for comment on “hate”, unless the question is you know “Why do you think we in the MSM continue to ignore the fact you are a mouthpiece for terrorists?”

There is no news here, this is piss poor journalism at best, and at worst a partisan attempt by CNN to promote Obama by delegitimizing legitimate concerns about terrorism and radical Islam, in favor of issues he would prefer dominate the national conversation.



  1. I almost teared up when I saw that picture of the flag burning. But instead I’ve decided to be angry. Why would we fear an enemy like this? There is nothing to fear. These are cowards hiding behind the mask of a religion that teaches them the slogan DEATH TO AMERICA. And they should have learned by now that if they take American lives and disrespect our country, then the dogs come in and show them exactly what JUSTICE means to America.


    CNN is a joke and I sincerely hope the American public riots, boycotts, or otherwise propels them into bankruptcy.

    Thank you for the post though. It was very illuminating. I’m still haunted by the image of the flag burning along with Israel’s.

  2. Thanks for the comment and welcome to the site MarieStacey.

    Im glad your mad, im mad to. We should be mad. Its bad enough that we have an elite media which chooses sides, far worse in my mind is how they try to control debate by putting “out of bounds” and delegitimizing ideas they disagree with.

    Radical Islam is a serious issue, and treating it like some sort of election day stunt does a disservice to the country as a whole. CNN and that reporter in particular ought to be ashamed of themselves.

    I do want to take issue with one thing you said however, “death to America” is not a slogan of Islam, its a slogan of radical Islam as put forth and supported by the Iranian Ayatollahs and their allies. Its important to draw a distinction between who is our enemy and who is not, we should be working to destroy radicals who are ought to do us and our allies harm, we should be trying to make allies of those Muslims willing to stand against hate.

  3. I’m honestly shocked at how many people on the internet just screech the Obama talking points as if they’re actually educated.

    It’s really getting tired hearing the same regurgitated BS from the mainstream lib media everyday. White Americans are racist for not voting for Obama yet nothing is mentioned about the 95% of African-American voters voting for Obama. Are we all supposed to turn a blind eye to anything that could be construed as ‘against’ Obama?

    I’m polarized in this election though. I’ll admit it. I guess that other people are just expressing their opinion, I’m just incensed that people don’t have as much information about Barack Obama and his ties as I do. These people are just degrading John McCain’s experience as if Obama has any experience that could even compare.

    You’re right that we should try to ally with moderate Muslims, but I also think that political correctness will be the downfall of this country. It’s time to stop being scared of calling Muslim Extremists what they are and commending those who are not.

    Barack Obama is not a Muslim Extremist. I think he’s a peace activist to some extent, but that’s not what this country needs when we are actually winning the war in Iraq and would rather not pull out and run away right before we cross the finish line.

    It’s been a frustrating day. Hopefully McCain doesn’t do any more attacks tonight, the libs just can’t handle it. They cry themselves to sleep at night thinking of how poor Obama is just torn to shreds by elderly old McCain. I think it’s revealing.

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