Posted by: Dark Defender | October 13, 2008

Islamists given control of Turkey’s offical news service

So it would appear that the Islamist government of Turkey is now seeking to take control of Turkey’s news service.  This is not entirely surprising given how previous administrations have done the same.  However it is obviously bad, as the current government doesn’t like us very much and is determined to move Turkey out of its pro-Western orbit.

We can ony hope this helps convince the Turkish military to do its duty and intervene to save the Republic from these religious extremists. 

On a side note, if we in the US and EU go ahead with these crazy plans for the government to own the banks, we are going to see similar corruption.  When a democrat wins the White House, they will seek to pack the banks with their supporters and influence them to favor companies and industries they like, when the GOP wins, their supporters will get the government gravy.  Mark my words this will happen, its only a matter of time.



  1. I agree. Either side (Dems or GOP) will move toward the abuse of public office if it is not held accountable. Ideally this accountability is brought via the process of checks and balances, but when both houses of Congress and the White House are controlled by a single party, American taxpayers end up picking up the tab.

  2. I think your probaby right that normal checks and balances can prevent at least the worst abuses when we have divided government.

    However it looks like were heading for a unified government again, which given how that went under Clinton (briefly) and Bush (6 years or so) that should worry all Americans.

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