Posted by: Dark Defender | October 3, 2008

Russian soldiers killed in South Ossetian attack

Saw this article.  Its too early to draw a lot of certain conclusions (but why should that stop us?) but this strikes me as potentially important.  I rather doubt Russia is right that the Georgian government is behind this, because you know that would be crazy.

Besides, I think it maybe far worse than all that.  I would lean towards either its a Russian setup to justify some new action, probably not a return to all out war but maybe expanding the “security zones” or justifying harsher measures against the few ethnic Georgians left.  Or this is the start of a grass roots resistance by the Georgian people.  If that’s the case things could get really ugly, not only for Russia (obviously) but for Georgia also as it would be likely to provoke a response, which would likely inflame things further, leading to more resistance and more reprisals etc.



  1. We’ll have to wait and see if this becomes a pattern. It doesn’t help foster trust and stability. Right now it’s Russian soldiers; if the EU monitors get killed they’ll be out of there in a week.

    Yeah, that would definitely be crazy for Tbilisi to be behind this.

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