Posted by: Dark Defender | October 3, 2008

Randomly interesting

I saw this article about AIDS originating in humans during or at least very near the timeframe for the “scramble for Africa” (much earlier than we previously thought) and I think its just fascinating, also a while back I saw a similar article that apparently the Roman conquests helped kill off a gene that provides some resistance to AIDS.  

Im not one to draw some sort of moral lesson or see a higher power at work or any of that crap.  But I just find this really interesting in a unintended consquences sort of way.  The Romans of course knew nothing about AIDS or DNA, yet their behavior affects us today through our very genes, thats creeepy yet cool, I think.  Also the spread of AIDS is apparently an unintended consquences of colonialism and its much prettier daughter: globalism.  Without these forces it may well have died out in the jungle somewhere due to lack of hosts or at least certainly wouldnt be a world wide epidemic.

Makes me wonder how what were doing today will affect people living thousands of years from now.  Also makes me wonder what other unintended consquences were going to see from things which we or our parents and grandparents thought were unqualified good things? 

The world is a strange and interesting place.


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