Posted by: Dark Defender | October 3, 2008

Post VP debate thoughts

Having watched and thought about the debate for awhile I have a few quick points I want to make.

1) Full disclosure.  I really really like Sarah, I signed the draft Sarah Palin for VP petition in the spring and continue to like her (though I must admit some recent interviews scared me).  I also really like Biden, hes been one of my favorite dems.  I like that he is willing to put out crazy plans and stick by them, like the unilaterally split up Iraq and get the hell out plan.  In retrospect it would have been bad, but at the time it looked just crazy enough to work.  I think we need creativity in Washington and that sometimes means being wrong, and I respect that Joe is willing to be wrong.  I said in the spring (after the implosion of Richardson..gaah what a disappointment) that if we had to have a dem Prez I would want Biden.

Sarah shows off the pelt of her last debate opponent.

Sarah shows off the pelt of her last debate opponent.

2) Sarah vs. Joe, I think she came off much more normal and while obviously not as knowledgeable as him about Washington trivia, she cleared the bar on knows what shes talking about.  After watching this debate I yearned for a Governor or some other non-Washington person at the top of the ticket.  There is a very good reason Senators are so rarely elected.  All you had to do was compare one of Biden’s long rambling answers where he name drops people who have been out of office for a decade (Did he seriously brag about being biparisan with Jesse Helms? Is he even alive anymore?) or trying to re-argue long irrelevant fights (How many times did he say Bosnia?) to one of Sarah’s more direct and yes simple responses “Ahmanejadad called Israel a stinking corpse”, “Doggone it (we need to be more responsible, we need reform, insert whatever).  She was just way more effective in communicating to people.  Perhaps not to the MSM and us policy wonk types but I think to normal people, she came across as understandable, likable and knowledgeable enough (if you don’t believe me Exhibit A Bush is a 2 term President).

3. Favorite line of the night: Sarah to Biden: There you go again looking backwards, everything you say starts with Bush this or that.  (paraphrased)

A very true and funny line.  I realize the entire Obama campaign is based on inaccuratley tying Bush to McCain but man am I getting tired of that line, was very happy to see Sarah bite back on it.  It is a very backward looking focus.

4. The dem’s primary talking point now seems to be “Sure she did ok, but it wont help McCain”.  I think thats true.  She has however made herself not a liability however, solidified the Conservative base’s love of her and cemented herself as a serious person on the national stage.  If McCain loses (which seems likely at this point) I think you can expect her to run in 2012 or 2016.  She is already a figure on the national stage, shes tested, she will have fundraising power from the base and by then she will be a 2 or 3 term (does Alaska have term limits?) governor, further if she wants it she will have time to carefully establish her policy cred ala Hillary after Bill left the White House,  She could well be our next, next President.  Im tempted to leave my liberal friends on this thought but…

5.  I don’t really want to get into every minor point, but um has Biden ever met a war he didn’t like? By my count he was for 1) early intervention in Bosnia 2) war in Kosovo 3) war in Iraq 4) war in Afghanistan 5) More troops for Afganistan  6) Wanted us to put troops into Lebanon to fight Hezbollah and 7) Wants to invade Sudan over Darfur.

Leaving aside how mindbogglingly crazy it would be to intervene in Lebanon and Sudan to begin with given how peripheral they are to our interests, occupying two more Muslim countries while we are in Iraq and Afghanistan already is…I truly dont have the words to properly convey how irresponsibly provocative that would be.  Seriously that has to be the craziest thing ive heard in the campaign so far, which is saying a hell of a lot.

Given how he will by all indications be one of Obama’s chief foreign policy advisors, I wonder if anti-war types really know what they are buying. 

Biden desribing what would happen to the Middle East if we adopted his Lebanon and Darfur plans

Biden describing what would happen to the Middle East if we adopted his Lebanon and Darfur plans



  1. Astonishing style. I want to be able to write that way.

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