Posted by: Dark Defender | October 1, 2008

A shameful night for American democracy

So a few minutes ago, in the dead of night 3/4 of the Senate voted to pass a massively unpopular and now pork ridden bill which I very much doubt any of the have actually read,  after all it is roughly 450 pages and was drafted in secret over the past 48 hours.

Further this bill adds nearly a trillion dollars aka 10% to our national debt and even the bills most ardent backers cant say for sure it will actually fix the problem.  In fact even the bills most ardent supporters cant prove the problem this bill is allegedly designed to fix, is actually happening as they apocolyptically have been predicting.

The Senate, the Chamber which is supposed to act to let legislation “cool” in Washington’s famous quote, has instead acted precipitously driven by a sense of panic and doom being sold by the Bush Administration, Wall Street and the MSM. 

It is a dark day for the Senate and America.



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