Posted by: Dark Defender | September 25, 2008

Pakistan shoots at American choppers, Pak Prez hits on Sarah

Tensions along the Afghan border are getting worse, the Pakistanis are firing on our choppers searching for Taliban terrorists.  Not good, as I said previously this is a bad situation we have to deal with, which is getting very complicated.

In other news the new Pak Prez thinks Sarah is really really hot! Doesn’t this make you want to vote for her (and that old guy) just so these leaders from backwards countries have to get used to dealing with powerful women? I mean im all for acknowledging beautiful women as beautiful, it in no way takes anything away from them.  Being smart and sexy are not even kind of mutually exclusive. But a head of state needs to be more respectful than this when meeting with a potential future leader of another country. 

Can we hug?

Sarahs thinking: I hope hes left handed....


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