Posted by: Dark Defender | September 18, 2008

Dems weigh danger of nuclear genocide vs. Sarah, decide Sarah is the bigger danger.

Ahmadinejad during his last visit to the UN

Ahmadinejad during his last visit to the UN

This blog is not about domestic US politics and it will not become election centric.  However I find this so offensive that I feel the need to say something about it. 

As McCain points out the candidates have come together for bi-partisan, (sorry) “country first” type events with regularity.  It would seem to me that a man who promises to complete Hitler’s work coming to town, ought to be a time for bi-partisan outrage. 

This is a man who is actively, blatantly and unapologetically is pursuing nuclear weapons with the help of an a reckless Russia, and is all the while promising to “wipe Israel from the map”.  And he is coming to speak to the United Nations as an honored head of state and have tea and crumpets.  This is crazy! Has the world learned nothing? After the Holocaust the world swore never again.  Well 50 years later the same organization that defeated Hitler is more interested in wining and dinning a blatant anti-Semite than it is in fulfilling its historic mission.

Iranian woman walks by street art

Iranian woman walks by street "art"

This is perhaps to be expected of the farce the UN has become, but we are America.  We are supposed to be the ones who don’t forget our responsibilities and do what we think is right damn the consequences and regardless of party.  Support of Israel is not a left and right issue in the United States, its a consensus issue, the anti-Israel bias prevalent throughout the EU is an extreme position here.

Yet the Dems have apparently orchastrated a de facto boycott of a protest against a man who explicitly calls for the destruction of Israel and is known to be developing nuclear weapons to make the threat credible.

Iran parading diplomatic American hostages circa 1979

Iran parading diplomatic American hostages circa 1979

What happened to never again? What happened to politics ending at the waters edge? What happened to our supposed morality? Leaving aside whats right, how about whats in our interest? I think virtually all Americans can agree a united front against a country who’s motto is “death to America” would probably be a good thing.

This rally could have been a symbol of American unity and Israeli-American solidarity, imagine the image of Hillary-Sarah or Biden-Sarah standing together for Israel and against genocide, it would have sent a powerful message to Iran and the world that anti-semitism and conspiracy to committ genocide is not acceptable to Americans of either party.

British hostages paraded by Iran circa 2007

British hostages paraded by Iran circa 2007

The dems torpedoing this rally is shameful, partisan and dangerous.  Being in the midst of an election, and being afraid to “legitimize” Sarah in no way exscuses this behavior, all it does is shows what the party of Obama is not a party in the best foreign policy traditions of FDR, Truman or JFK.

Oh ok ill include a positive pic nice to look at pic to..

Ok ok ill include a positive pic, thats nice to look at.



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