Posted by: Dark Defender | September 9, 2008

Elegant Colonialism indeed

This article caught my attention for two reasons:


1)      Nursing historical grievances is so idiotic.  Oh our grandfathers were wronged by your grandfathers you owe us, boohoo.  How far back do you go? Should the Arab’s controlling Libya apologize to Italy for invading and conquering Roman North Africa? Maybe they should pay compensation to the Italians for the infrastructure they built in Libya before being rudely evicted? What about local Libyans who collaborated with the Italians? What is their level of guilt? Should the Turks not pay for their time as Libya’s overlord? Or do they get a pass for being Muslim? Should Libya pay to compensation victims of centuries of piracy launched from their shores? Should Qaddafi not pay compensation for ethnically cleansing Libya of more than one hundred thousand Italians during the 70s? That is a hell of a lot more recent, why is that ok? I suspect the reason is because Europeans nurse a tremendous sense of guilt and lack the self confidence to simply ignore silly demands for compensation (aka whining) like this.  I fully expect to see EU countries in the future groveling at their “victims” feet in the near future.


The Lady in question

The Lady in question


And really who does the pagan artifacts found in Libya belong to? The once alien Arabs who conquered the region? Or the nominally Christian Italian descendents of the people who made the statute and later reacquired Libya by right of conquest?  Who is to say? It’s a stupid question to even consider, if they belong to anyone they belong to humanity as a whole as they are part of our shared heritage.  As long as they are being properly cared for and available to scholars and maybe the public, id say possession is 9/10ths of the law.  Why even bring up such a stupid issue?


2)      The author is absolutely right that Italy is using this to their own ends, if they didn’t expect to benefit they wouldn’t be doing it.  It is colonialism in a different form, worse it props up a dictator (and yes despite Qadaffi becoming “our son of a bitch” now (and for resons which I have to say are justifiable) he is still “a son of a bitch”), this is not a move which helps the Libyan people, it’s a move which helps secure their dictator.


It makes me sick to think of Berlusconi and other Italians patting themselves on the back for “righting a wrong” and showing how tolerant and sensitive they are, when in reality all they are accomplishing is setting back the Libyan peoples hopes for freedom and encouraging across the Arab world (and perhaps beyond) a destructive cult of victim hood which ultimately hurts everyone involved.  Shame on Berlusconi, and shame on Italy for making this destructive exploitive deal.



Berlusconi and Gaddafi in 2004

Berlusconi and Gaddafi in 2004




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